About Us

Walk Right is owned and operated by Mary Sheridan from her shop at the junction of Oliver Plunkett Road and Pearse Road, Letterkenny (at the traffic lights). Mary has many years of experience in providing help and advice to her customers.

Walk Right provides a service as well as a product. Having the right footwear is much more than a matter of style or fashion, particularly if you have any difficulties with your feet, legs or back. Getting the shoes or boots that are right for you requires expert advice and support – and this is what you get from Walk Right. We will take the time to understand your needs and provide you with a choice of options from their wide range of stylish comfort and medical footwear.

Drop in at any time or, if you prefer, make an appointment with Mary and learn a little more about how having the right footwear can transform your life.



Our Feet

Our feet are the base which supports our whole body. For this reason they are subject to all kinds of pressure and wear, which act in a negative way on the normal function of the feet. Any problem with our feet reflects on the rest of our body. We walk mainly on hard unforgiving surfaces like concrete or wooden and tiled floors. This can cause all sorts of problems such as aches and pains in our feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. What we wear on our feet is a very important part of foot care. Improperly fitting shoes cause or aggravate a lot of foot problems and wearing unsuitable shoes for our occupation also add to
discomfort, pain and tired heavy legs at the end of the working day. Lots of people who have problems with their feet realise too late that they should have taken better care of them.




Getting the right footwear

During a lifetime, your feet may walk the equivalent of four times around the world, so it is essential that you take good care of them. Properly fitted supportive shoes can help relieve many aches and pains by putting the feet in a natural position for standing and walking. If you suffer from back, knee, ankle or heel pain,
getting the right footwear can help remedy your condition. People whose jobs require them to be on their feet for a significant part of the day need comfortable, supportive shoes. People with particular medical conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis or edema, can also benefit from having
the right footwear.





What will you get from Walk Right?

  • We are not just another shoe shop. We provide a
    service as well as a product.


  • We carry a wide range of comfort, orthopaedic
    and medical shoes and insoles, not usually available
    in standard shoe shops.


  • We fit feet others can’t fit.


  • We provide comfort as well as style.


  • We take the time to understand your needs and show you what options are available.


  • We provide shoes with added depth, width and extra toe space.


  • We can help to minimise discomfort due to a wide range of foot problems.


  • We can accommodate your inserts and orthotics.